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VermiHut Bokashi Compost Kit – Premium Twin Model

VermiHut Bokashi Compost Kit – Premium Twin Model Review

The Bokashi Compost Kit series are produced and sold by VermiHut, which is a company that sells a wide range of products for outdoor activities; their products include, but are not limited to composting kits, pest control kits and automotive tools. Bokashi composting originates from Japan, and the word “Bokashi” translates directly to “fermented organic matter” in Japanese. It operates by utilizing an anaerobic (oxygen-free) fermentation process to convert kitchen waste into compost. A specific group of microorganisms is applied to the organic material, using a vector such as rice or wheat bran, to start the fermentation process. Bokashi composting usually takes 2 to 4 weeks to complete, depending on environmental conditions and the compost type.

The Premium Twin Model Bokashi composting kit includes: Two 5-gallon buckets, each with a strainer and a spigot, a Bokashi juice cup and compost compactor, one scraper, one bag of Bokashi Bran and a ¾-gallon zinc stainless kitchen pail. The main difference between the Premium Twin Model and the basic model is that two Bokashi buckets are provided instead of only one – having two buckets allow for a cycled use of the system, making the composting process more efficient by processing one bucketful while filling up the other. The zinc kitchen pail included allows for easy collection of food scraps prior to being put into the composter, and is made to be resilient against rusting. The compost unit weighs a total of 10 pounds, with dimensions of 20 inches tall by 11 inches wide in diameter. The Bokashi buckets come in two colours – tan and black, and the whole system comes with a 5-year warranty against defects.


The Bokashi Compost Kit Premium Twin Model is affordably priced. It is a quick and easy way to carry out composting indoors, and works just as well or even better than traditional outdoor composting. It has a convenient size and shape, and can be placed almost anywhere within one’s kitchen, garage, or apartment. The compost produced from the fermentation process will be fully organic and ready for use immediately as fertilizer for gardens.

The composting process itself is fast and efficient, and the Bokashi systems by VermiHut are able to break down food items like meat, fish and dairy products in addition to fruit and vegetables, which sets their designs apart from other composting systems. This is an advantage as it helps to further minimize kitchen waste. As the fermentation takes place in a closed, airtight system, there will be minimal to no odour, and no concerns whatsoever regarding insects, making the Bokashi compost kit ideal for urban or business settings where it will be closely integrated with the user’s daily living space.

The zinc metal kitchen pail included in the kit is 8 inches tall by 7 inches wide, making it small enough to sit on a kitchen counter, within easy reach for disposal of food scraps and without being obtrusive. It contains an interior plastic pail that detaches easily via a sturdy metal handle, so that the collected scraps can be transferred to the Bokashi bucket mess-free. The pail is also washable in the dishwasher, and sports an aesthetically pleasing design with a fluted, polished body that makes it look good on any kitchen counter. The lid is satin-finished, and contains activated carbon filters in order to keep any odour produced under control. Additional sets of filters are usually included in the kit for replacement purposes.

It is also worth noting that VermiHut is a responsive and helpful company, commendable for its excellent customer service and buyer-oriented assistance throughout the purchase and delivery procedure.


Thus far, no complaints have been found from the users of the Bokashi Compost Kit – Premium Twin Model, which reflects a high level of performance in the unit and an overall satisfactory job done by VermiHut.

Tips for Use

The finished compost product should smell slightly sweet and reminiscent of a pickled odour, and it is perfectly normal and common to see a layer of white mould mycelium coating the surface of the compost. Once the fermentation process is complete, the scraps can be added to a worm bin or buried directly in the soil of your garden. It can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks for the compost scraps to fully integrate into the soil, depending on the local climate and the biological activity of the soil –  a rainy climate and loamy, loose soil would result in the shortest integration time.

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The VermiHut Bokashi Compost Kit is an affordably priced, premium and convenient solution for your composting needs.

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