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Tierra Garden 600012 Polypropylene 74-Gallon Rapid Composter Review

The Tierra Garden 600012 composter knows how to turn kitchen waste and scraps into rich, usable compost. This bin is manufactured from a 100% ultraviolet resistant polypropylene material.

The composter has filled up flip up two part lids which contain winter and summer functions for ventilation regulation. It also has a bottom plate which has perforations with air channels for keeping a steady air flow into the channels and keeping rodents out of reach. It also has an exit door that slides at the bottom. The exteriors and interiors are smooth for easy cleaning.

Turning this composter is easy and does not require you to have a lot of strength. You don’t have to worry about breaking your back trying to turn this thing.

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In case your compound is small, the Tierra Garden 600012 composter is a worthy item to purchase because it requires limited space in your garden.

Within about 3 weeks, the Tierra Garden 600012 composter will create usable compost from the scraps you put in. Balancing the amount of nitrogen and oxygen will the most crucial part, therefore, make sure that you adjust your ingredients well. Make sure that the temperature and moisture levels are at their best for ensuring that the result is as rough as the useful mulch.

I enjoyed the Tierra Garden 600012 composter because of the ease of turning and the nature of materials used in its manufacture. You should consider purchasing this item for getting nice and rich compost. Having one composter will be suitable for the home because you will be using it for kitchen wastes only. It sits right on the ground.

Product Features

  • Has a two part lid for easy filling and flipping up.
  • Smooth exteriors and interiors for easy cleaning.
  • It is UV resistant.
  • It measures 35 inches high and 31-1/2 inches deep.

Pros and Cons


  • It is durable.
  • It is UV resistant, so it protects against the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Smooth for easy cleaning.


  • There are no notable cons that I could find during my time with this compost bin.

Review Overview

Our Rating


The Tierra Garden 600012 Polypropylene 74-Gallon Rapid Composter is simple, intuitive and very space effective.

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