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Redmon Green Culture 65 Gallon Compost Bin Review

The Redmon Green Culture 65 gallon compost bin is made of plastic. Since you will be placing the compost bin outdoors, the whole bin has been coated with UV protection. The plastic therefore retains its strength, giving this excellent product from Redmon a really long life. Plastic also ensures that the bin does not get degraded over time.

Composting is a process that requires wetness and the insides of your composting bin are exposed to wetness throughout. Plastic does not have a problem with constant exposure to wetness, and this is how the Redmon Green Culture 65 gallon compost bin gets its structural integrity’s longevity.

This bin is built to withstand outdoor weather and boasts ruggedness, durability and convenience. It can take in a whooping 65 gallons of compost material. This compost bin is built in an attractive shape and is very unobtrusive. It fits in very nicely with your garden.

Having a connection of your compost material and the soil is important. It allows movement of useful worms, insects and other natural decomposers between your compost material and the soil. To ensure that your compost material is not separated from the soil, the bottom of the nicely sized Redmon Green Culture compost bin is open to allow worms into your compost material.

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Ease of access

With its easy-to-lift lid, you gain quick access to the insides of the compost bin. Routine checks and adding fresh compost material in your bin is very easy when using this bin. This Redmon compost bin has ventilation holes on all sides and at all heights of the bin. They allow for air to enter the bin for the excellent composting that you are looking for.

When your compost is ready, this compost bin has four lovely openings that allows for easy removal of compost. The sufficiently wide doors are located low on the four sides of the compost bin for you to access the oldest compost material only. Once you remove what you need, the rest of the newer compost material is left to continue composting. You will not even have disturbed it.

Putting the Redmon Green Culture 65 Gallon Compost Bin together

Upon purchase of this excellent composting bin from Redmon, an assembly guide and instructions of use in form of a composting guide are included. The guide is easy to follow and the whole unit comes together with great ease. In less than 20 minutes of receiving your package, you will be well on your journey to converting your lawn wastes and organic food waste into compost that is bursting with nutrients.

Recycling your kitchen and yard waste is important in reducing the amount of garbage that is sent annually to landfills. With the Redmon Green Culture compost bin, you will be playing a crucial role in keeping the environment clean while additionally giving your plants well supplied with manure. Your lawn’s or garden’s appearance changes for the better when you have this large Redmon compost bin.

Stability and Location

This compost bin measures an astounding 31 inches in height. It sits on a square base of 26.5 inches in length and width. The compost bin slightly narrows out from the bottom to the top. It looks like a pyramid with its top chopped off. This design gives the Redmon Green Culture 65 gallon compost bin unprecedented stability. Small animals such as raccoons, squirrels and chipmunks are not able to climb the bin and open the lid. The size and weight of this bin makes it very difficult for the small animals to knock it over, especially if the compost bin has some amount of material in it.

This compost bin has anchoring tabs on it. The tabs dig into the ground a little. You can add more anchorage by working with the tabs to achieve the firmness, stability and security you desire for your Redmon Green Culture 65 gallon compost bin.

You can place your Redmon compost bin anywhere you want in the outdoor space you have. Possible locations are outside and to the side of your kitchen door and out in the lawn. The bin must be placed on soil. The compost material also needs to be turned once in a while. A pitchfork or any other suitable gardening tool you have in your shed will do.

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Working with the Redmon Green Culture 65-gallon Compost Bin

For great results from your Redmon green Culture 65-gallon compost bin, make sure to only add organic material into the composter. Chop up large-sized waste items before putting them into the compost bin. Work with the members in your entire household to ensure that organic and inorganic wastes are separated. The organic goes into your Redmon compost bin, the inorganic goes to your trash can.

If you find yourself putting dry material into the compost bin, it is advisable that you later add some little water. Decomposers including micro-organisms work better with wet material than dry material. Just add enough water to achieve a reasonable degree of wetness in your compost bin. A few glasses of water should be enough. While the Redmon green Culture 65 gallon compost bin cannot be flooded due to having an open bottom, the water flowing away from your compost material takes nutrients away with it. This leaves your final compost manure product with less nutritional value for your plants.

Environmentally Friendly

This Redmon compost bin is an excellent item for home owners who want to convert their organic waste into manure and be environmental friendly. You will also pay less for garbage disposal if you have this compost bin from Redmon. By recycling your organic waste, you will find yourself taking out less trash for the local garbage disposal company to take care of.

Once you have one Redmon green Culture 65 gallon compost bin, you will want another one soon. The good thing with having two of these lovable bins is that you can fill one bin first. As the material in the first bin is composting, you will be filling the second bin. This allows composting to take place fully and evenly throughout all the material you put in.

A Final Word

With the Redmon green Culture 65 gallon compost bin, you cut down on the time decomposition of your waste material takes. The Redmon bin achieves enviable aeration of the compost material and a higher overall temperature than other compost bins.

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The Redmon Green Culture 65 Gallon Compost Bin is a solidly built product that makes the composting process as efficient as it can be.

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