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Kyoto Koolscape Gallon Composter Review

The Kyoto Gallon Composter is also known as the Koolscape Gallon Composter, manufactured by KYOTO. This composter successfully combines traditional zen garden aesthetics with the longevity and durability of plastic, while maintaining its function as a user-friendly composter. Its main selling point lies in its elegant, authentic stone look, which sets it apart from modern metal or plastic-based designs. The locking lid on the top allows compost material to be easily added and turned, and the rear door gives easy access to completed compost. Aeration holes in the composter helps to keep the composting process going, and a reservoir is included for collection of compost tea.

The standard Kyoto Gallon Composter holds up to 50 gallons worth of organic material, and has dimensions of 23 inches wide by 46 inches tall, making it roughly the size of a standard garbage can.


The Kyoto Gallon Composter is simple to set up and use, as one can simply toss in new organic material via the opening on the top, or insert a shovel to turn the compost. It is also very stable and sturdy, able to withstand high temperatures, and has a much larger capacity than is generally expected from its appearance.

The zen-style design of the Kyoto Gallon Composter makes it a beautiful addition to any garden, playing a role as part of the décor while at the same time being a functional component of the garden. It is unobtrusive, and fits well in small gardens and patios without looking out of place. It has the added advantage of being odourless, and is inaccessible by rats or other pests.

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The difficulties faced in taking off the lid is a recurring complaint by multiple users. Once covered, the lid sticks and often has to be pried off with a tool in order to open it again. The handle of the lid is also hard to grasp due to its design, and some users have tried making their own modifications to the lid with varied levels of success.

Other minor complaints include the occasional cracking and leaking of the composter’s base from overwintering, and the relative slowness of the composter in achieving optimal composting temperatures even when placed in constant sun.

Tips for Use

To make lid removal easier, the lid can be put on slightly skewed instead of lining the grooves up perfectly. If the lid is frozen shut in cold winter days, it can be loosened by tapping hard on the plastic before prying it open.

The Kyoto Gallon Composter needs to be covered or otherwise kept out of the rain, as waterlogging and oversaturation of the compost can occur due to rainwater draining off the lid. The whole composter can also be mounted on some bricks to ease the collection of compost tea. One user suggests that the entire composter can be tipped over and rolled, in order to agitate the contents without having to remove the lid.

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The Kyoto Koolscape Gallon Composter is a midrange composter with an elegant design.

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