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Food Cycler Indoor Kitchen Composter

Food Cycler Indoor Kitchen Composter Review

The Food Cycler Indoor Kitchen Composter is very much unlike the usual compost bins, largely in part because it’s electronic. It takes the long, natural process of composting and speeds it up. If you’re not into waiting months to get usable compost, then this compost bin is just what you’r looking for.

Features of the Food Cycler Indoor Kitchen Composter

  • 3 step process makes composting kitchen waste a snap
  • Reduces kitchen waste up to 90% of it’s original volume
  • Composts to a viable soil amendment in around three hours
  • No venting, draining or additives required

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I became very happy after I bought the Food Cycler Indoor Kitchen Composter. It does exactly what its advertised to do. I’ve only thrown organic material in the container so far, and all of it shrinks in size and gets ground in around three hours. Following the instructions to mix the finished compost with the soil, I’ve only gotten excellent results.

Food Cycler Indoor Kitchen Composter

The compost I’ve made with the Food Cycler Indoor Kitchen Composter has really worked wonders on not only the soil, but also all the herbs and vegetables I have in the garden.

It took a little bit longer than this, probably due to the the assortment of material I put in the container, but when the compost came out I was honestly very amazed. The compost from this product came out looking like authentic organic fertilizer.

On top of that, there was no stench emitting out of it at all. I’m already delighted at the thought of using the Food Cycler compost on my soil. There’s no more need to head out to get organic fertilizer since I can now just use the Food Cycler to make compost that will enhance my soil, using the food scraps that I would have otherwise just thrown out.

I just have to say that this composter has made me really happy, especially during the time that I turn it on to make compost every day. From all the time that this composter will save me, it will pay for itself with only a few weeks’ time and effort.

One more thing I like about the Food Cycler Indoor Kitchen Composter is its compact size, and it places itself well on my counter without taking up a lot of space. Setting up the composter and putting it together was all smooth sailing.

All in all, I would recommend this composter to anyone who wants to get started composting, or is already composting and wants better and faster compost, while still having the benefits of simplicity, no intrusive odors, and absolutely no inconvenient mess getting scattered around.

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Pros and Cons

Food Cycler Indoor Kitchen Composter


  1. This composter doesn’t produce any foul smells or any odor at all.
  2. The sensors that are built inside the composter make the composter process more effective, by re-calibrating itself according to how all the food scraps inside are processing.
  3. No need to add your own vents, drains, or any other modifications to this composter. It works great as it is.
  4. The food cycler processes and finishes a batch of compost in less than three hours. It only takes a short time for your soil to enjoy highly nutrient-rich compost.
  5. This composter works quietly in the background, and fits in well with all the other stuff in the house with its compact size.
  6. Cut downs a lot on all the waste in the kitchen by almost nine-tenths of what it used to be.
  7. I noticed that this composter has something called a “sleep mode”, a feature I haven’t yet seen in other models and brands. Turning on this “sleep mode” when I’m not using it saves me a lot of money on the power bill since I don’t have to use and pay for so much energy.
  8. The specialized carbon filters absorb all the odors coming from the food completely. preventing any and all foul smells from ever emanating out.


  1. There were some instances where the composter would just drain out the food scraps and dehydrate them, instead of processing the scraps to produce a full batch of compost.
  2. There were times when the compost didn’t finish up in three hours, which has affected and upset my gardening plans a few times.
  3. Using the Food Cycler means you miss out on the natural composting process, which happens when bacteria are the agents of both fermentation and decomposition. The natural way of composting may be more appealing to some people, despite the many advantages of this composter.
  4. Much more expensive than regular compost bins.

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The Food Cycler Indoor Kitchen Composter allows you create good, usable compost in quick time - just around three hours. It's cost compensates for its speed.

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