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Can O Worms 00300 Composting Bin Review

The Can O Worms 00300 Composting Bin is reliable, efficient and quite the top quality vermin-composting equipment you have always wanted to have. It provides you with an easy-to-use method to house worms. Worms are important in the composting process, as they help you turn your household wastes into compost that is rich in nutrients.

Vermicomposting is a great way to help the environment and reduces waste. When you have a garden, composting is an important practice if you want to keep the excellent condition of your soil. One of the best ways to feed your plants and nurture them is by the use of compost manure. With the Can O Worms 00300 Composting Bin, you have a never-drying supply of worm castings in your compost.

The Can O Worms 00300 Composting Bin is best filled with red worms of the red wiggler type (also called the manure worm or brandling). The Lumbricus rubellus worm is also welcome in your composting bin. These two worms are very suitable for vermicomposting bins because they can live and thrive on vegetable waste.

Design and Materials Used

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A unique feature of the Can O Worms 00300 Composting Bin which makes it a loved product among eco-enthusiasts, is its unique drain spigot. This excellent idea of a drain spigot allows you to easily get the sweet compost tea that your plants love. Compost tea is full of nutrients and nourishment that keeps your plants with a shine all day every day.

The Can O Worms 00300 Composting Bin is wholly made from recycled plastic. There is no virgin plastic used in the making of this composting bin. It is excellent for outdoor use. Indoors, you can put it on the back porch, in the basement or in your garage. It is not messy or bulky to take up too much space. It features a well thought out ventilated fly-proof lid.

The lid of the Can O Worms 00300 Composting Bin has additionally been designed to keep odor inside the bin. Maybe you fancy placing this composter indoors or just outside your kitchen door. If you do, you do not have to worry about bad odors wafting from the bin. It is a great companion for your kitchen and garden.

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Collection of Composting Products

This excellent vermicomposting bin easily turns any organic material and your kitchen scraps into worm castings that all farmers want. It utilizes a system set with several levels. The first level is the collector tray. It collects compost tea for your potted plants and garden. Despite being in a confined environment, compost tea keeps the roots of your potted plants very happy. The collector tray has an outlet tap for your ease of use.

Worm-Working trays

Above the collector tray on the Can O Worms 00300 Composting Bin, are the first and second working trays. These working trays hold the material you have put in the bin and the worms. It is on these trays that the worms are found. The lids are built to allow fluids to drip through them.

Covering the first and second working trays is a lid. The plastic lid is made to enable ventilation of the whole bin. It allows air in while keeping out flies and other flying bugs. You do not have to worry about unwanted insects flying around your bin all the time, especially if you have placed it someplace indoors.

This setup of the Can O Worms 00300 Composting Bin allows worms to move freely to all areas of the bin where there is material to be composted. Its support is an interesting combination of design and practicality.

Strength and Sturdiness

Can O Worms 00300 Composting Bin

The whole arrangement of the Can O Worms 00300 Composting Bin sits on detachable legs. The legs are an excellent idea for the composting bin. They allow you to easily fetch compost tea. The composting bin legs are famed for their ability to allow a container between them or placed next to them. Such a container is useful for allowing continuous collection of compost tea by leaving the outlet spigot on the composting bin always open. The spigot then serves as an extra aeration route for your worms and compost mix.

Futher Thoughts

Can O Worms 00300 Composting Bin

Worms are sworn enemies of light. They thrive in the dark where they continuously eat and chew through your organic waste, turning it into useful and environmental friendly compost. The Can O Worms 00300 Composting Bin is colored black and made of plastic that does not let light through.

With two well sized worm trays, this composting bin allows you to keep adding your waste. Its 57 gallons of space for your miracle-working worms and compost mix makes it very difficult to fill up. As you remove the completely broken down materials from the bottom, you create space for you to later add more organic contents for decomposition.

This is a worm bin. While it can be used both indoors and outdoors, you must use it indoors if you are in a cold climate location. The worms in the bin will die if exposed to very low temperatures. It is a bonus if you have ability to keep your bin wet and cool when you are in a hot climate area.


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  • You experience hands-off composting with this composting bin.
  • By design, compost tea flows through the drains in the tray bottoms into the collector tray.
  • Can O Worms have made this beast of a composting bin to hold in it two large worm trays.


  • The composting bin takes up some good amount of space wherever you place it. Outdoors, be sure to shelter it from direct sunlight.
  • If your preferred location for the bin is outdoors, then this option is not available during cold weather.


A Final Word

Compost is what you need in your garden to turn it into a land of fertility. The Can O Worms 00300 Composting Bin allows you to achieve this while saving you time, money and helping you take care of your organic yard and kitchen trash.

Why should you hit the shops to spend money on what you can make at home? With your practice of composting, you will also be conserving water and turning your trash into a valuable treasure. Use the Can O Worms 00300 composting bin to cultivate healthy plants that you will always be proud of.

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The Can O Worms 00300 Composting Bin is a top of the line product, expertly designed to provide you with usable compost in a convenient and efficient manner.

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