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Bluestone 80 Gallon Master Composter Review

Composters are the new trend in the world today. They rejuvenate your kitchen by turning your trash into soil fertilizer or provide organic rich tea. Instead of throwing away your yard and kitchen garbage turn it into farming gold with the Bluestone 80 Gallon Master Composter. This is a well-crafted top of the range composter made in Germany. Here are a number of reasons why this composter is a cut above the competition.

Size and Design

Bluestone 80 Gallon Master Composter

As the name suggests, the Bluestone 80 Gallon Master Composter has a capacity of 80 gallons. This is quite an impressive capacity to turn your kitchen waste to manure. It is however not very big or too imposing. It will fit nicely in your backyard even if you have a limited amount of space. This composting bin will give you a sizable amount of fertilizer and help you manage the waste from your kitchen.

This is a standard non tumbling composter and is not easily tipped over due to its bold cuboid shape. It requires manual turning but is very easy to maintain once assembled. The design also features a door at the bottom which is retractable. This is to allow for better aeration of the decomposing matter inside. It also creates room for access to the fertilizer once it’s fully decomposed and ready for use in the garden. This lower door also allows you to empty some of the components without disturbing the whole batch.

The top lid consists of two large flaps that interlock at the center into one. The lid altogether is then held tight over the bin with a sturdy l latch. This huge double door feature is an advantage when loading huge scraps of waste or when turning the mixture. The lid ensures that the matter inside is locked up safely and secure from elements like wind and rain. It also ensures that the Bluestone 80 Gallon Master Composter produces no foul odor when decomposing.

Heat is a very essential component during decomposition. The polypropylene used to mold this bin is a high grade plastic that is also a good conductor and retainer of heat. The black color that is painted also helps retain the heat making the compost master very efficient and reducing the time it takes to decompose a batch of manure.

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Ease of Assembly

Bluestone 80 Gallon Master Composter

The Bluestone 80 Gallon Master Composter comes with photo instructional manual. It’s quite compact in a cuboid shape and comes with pieces that are easily snapped into place. One large lid covers the top of the bin and it has latches to ensure it is fastened on tightly. This composter can even be easily assembled by even a novice. You practically do not need any tools to assemble it.


Germans are well known for their attention to detail when it comes to craftsmanship. The Bluestone 80 Gallon Master Composter is a true testament to this claim for it can withstand extreme battering from the weather and will still not break or even bend. Its structure is made from recycled sturdy polypropylene that is 100% ultra-violet resistant. The lid that covers it is also rain proof.


Bluestone 80 Gallon Master Composter

The Bluestone 80 Gallon Master Composter is made of recycled materials that are ozone friendly. Its primary job is to aid in conservation of the environment. It does this by recycling trash that was meant to go to the land-fills into non-toxic organic mulch or top soil, which is vital in organic farming as it provides nutritional food healthier for human consumption while reducing the carbon emitted.

With Bluestone 80 Gallon Master Composter, you will significantly reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. Every little bit counts. It is a loyal companion in the production of organic food stuffs which are healthier and more beneficial to the human body.

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  • It is easy to assemble and get started, with even for first timers.
  • The composter is of the right size to handle a good load of manure, while still small enough for use where space is limited.
  • Bio friendly material is used in construction of this composter.
  • Superior design makes it decompose trash faster as compared to others.
  • Strong lid held together with a reliable latch to ensure its rain proof and produces no odor.
  • It’s easy on the eyes and not an eye sore especially for people who use the back yard for entertaining.
  • It comes at a very pocket friendly price and requires little to no maintenance.
  • Foldable lower door allows for easier access to the compost while the large lid allows for even big objects to fit with ease.


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Despite boasting of a few ground breaking ideas and high class craftsmanship, the Bluestone 80 Gallon Master Composter has a few flaws that might make you reconsider when purchasing it.

  • The lid is not as steady as it should be. You may be required to place a brick or flower-pot on-top to help it stay shut.
  • It requires manual turning to mix the components inside. This is quite hectic as it is compactly build.
  • The lower door is somewhat flimsy and does not stay shut when the compost master is full. You would require something in-front of it to help it remain closed.
  • Due to the bulging lower door and loose top lid, this compost bin proves to be a health and safety hazard for pets and children.
  • It does not come with a base. This makes it vulnerable to rodents and pests alike. One has to purchase a rodent screen or soil fence separately to use it efficiently.
  • It can be tipped over due to high winds or extreme weather.
  • Does not offer option for harvesting the nutrient rich compost tea.


A Final Word

Different retailers of the Bluestone 80 Gallon Master Composter offer different packages all in a bid to entice customers. Some offer after sale services, guarantees and warranties or provide a soil fence or rodent screen with purchase. Payment and shipping options are also to be considered when ordering this compost bin. Also try to inquire from the necessary authorities whether it is safe for use in your country.

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The Bluestone 80 Gallon Master Composter has great features but is let down but a few design flaws.

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